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Many of these reviews were based on visits to restaurants by Jennifer and me. I would be happy to include accounts from other diners. If you had a memorable meal, please write something down about it, send it to me, and let other readers know about it. Please send reviews or comments to Scott at sshurr@gmail.com.

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  • Anna's Pizza House $$ - 873 Main Street - 781-899-7810
  • Athen's Pizza $$ - Moody Street - 781-893-3020
  • Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria $$ - 475 Winter Street - 781-684-0650
  • B & F Pizza $$ - Lake St, 5 blocks west of Lexington St

    • 2004 01 06 review by Timothy Hayes -

      green dot If great Greek pizza is your thing, B&F is the only game in town. This fantastic little restaurant has been a fixture in North Waltham for over 20 years and is a favorite of the locals. The pizza at B&F is characterized by a sweet, tasty tomato sauce that is complemented perfectly by their blend of cheese. Even the crust, often tossed aside by pizza-eaters at other restaurants, is too good to pass up! (try dipping it in salsa ... perfect!) The pizza at B&F is also very consistent - from what I can tell, the taste hasn't deviated since I was a little kid (20 years ago) - and it is never over or under-cooked. Neither is it too greasy, a problem with some other Greek pizzas. And of course, they have a multitude of toppings from which to choose.

      B&F also offers a wide array of sub sandwiches, pasta dinners, salads and other assorted goodies. The chicken kabobs are to die for. The portions are plentiful. Two sizes exist for sandwiches - large and small. A small is a normal, one-person job. A large might require enlisting a friend. For the longest time, they used to offer pizza in just one size, which was about a 12-inch pie. It was an unusual little quirk that just made the place even more endearing. Now B&F offers a large (about 18 inches, I would guess) and a small (slightly smaller than the original, probably 10 inches).

      The prices are extremely reasonable, and the staff is very friendly. It's a no-frills, no-nonsense environment at B&F (three small tables, a wall-mounted TV in the corner, and the counter - they also do a very brisk take-out business which probably accounts for most of their sales). Also, if you're ordering take-out they'll toss in a few single-serve bags of chips along with your order for free.

      For my money, there is no better pizza place in the city.

  • Cappy's Pizza $$ - 559 South Street - 781-899-7132
  • Chateau Restaurant $$ - 195 School Street - 781-894-3339
  • Dominos Pizza $$ - 205 Lexington Street - 781-894-4848 WC
  • Food Express Pizza & Deli at Via Latina Market $ - 573 Main Street - 781-894-4200

    • 2014 05 01

      green dot I was interested in trying a new pizza place near Waltham, so I searched and was surprised to find a couple of good reviews of this place on Yelp. I have driven by this store hundreds of times, but didn't know they had a deli or that they made pizzas. The woman who served our pizza said that they just started making pizzas a couple of months ago at this store she owns with her husband. Seating is very limited (there was a table to sit at while waiting) so it really is a take out operation. We ordered a large Gorgonzola pizza, for 18.14 with tax, and it was done in about 15 minutes. This was a sizeable pie, with the classic crispy thin Italian crust. It was very tasty, with mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and finished with imported gorgonzola cheese. The crust was just right. I look forward to trying some of their other pizzas and subs. Salads and wraps are also available, as well as deli meats and cheeses.

  • Franco's Italian Pizzeria $$ - 727 Moody Street - 781-893-7775

    • 2002 01 11 - Review by Eric Salerno

      green dot This place also makes an EXCELLENT Veal Parmesan (better than Watch City Diner), however, I would recommend taking it home to eat, since there isn't much for atmosphere here. They don't have the bread triangles that are so tasty at the Watch City Diner though. We once ordered some sandwiches to go, and their ingredients are high quality, fresh, and the Italian-family run restaurant has pride and authenticity.

  • Ristorante Gemelli $$ - 560 Moody Street - 781-893-0025

    • 2007 07 22

      green dot Tried another one of Gemelli's pizzas, and this one was even better than the last one I tried. The Bianca pizza featured a crisp, thin crust, with just the right amount of sauce and season, and paired nicely with a Sam Adams summer ale. This place has become my new favorite pizza vendor.

  • Moody Street Pizzeria $$ - 934 Moody Street - 781-899-7747

    • 2004 01 10 review by Amanda

      green dot My name is Amanda, and me and my family all go to Moody street pizza. This place is located at the end of Moody on the Newton line, and wow!!!! Is their food to die for! Their pizza is the best Greek pizza i have ever had, no grease nor too much oil. They have the most friendly staff and the store is spotless at all times. Their steak tips and chicken kabob are the best and the prices are generous but the food is sooo good and their wraps, there is too much to list, you would have to try it and you will see. Their delivery service is quick. They have the biggest menu that I have ever seen in a pizza place. I have been going to them for about 4 years now. and I don't think that I can go to another pizza place. The owners are very nice and sweet. This is the best pizza place in Waltham. Not too many people give them reviews, maybe because some people think that they are located in Newton, but try this place; it is very good. I have never heard of any one talking bad or complaining about the food or service.

  • New York Deli & Pizzeria $ - 47 Lexington Street - 781-894-1228

    • 2005 06 30

      green dotThe New York Deli Pizzeria does a bustling business on the corner of Lexington and School Streets. The 8 tables inside are often sparsely populated, but there is a constant stream of customers picking up orders, and the delivery service hurrying items out the door. We walked in on a Thursday evening to choose from the large menu posted behind the counter. They have cold sandwiches from 5.00 to 6.25, specialty salads from 5.25 to 8.25, hot sandwhiches (including steak), 5.00 to 6.75, burritos for 5.75, specialty wraps and sandwhiches for 5.50 to 6.50, small and large pizzas from 6.00 to 15.25, and char-broiled dinners and pasta specialties from 7.50 to 9.00. Side orders and a large selection of drinks are available from a refrigerator along the side. We ordered a Grilled Chicken Kabob in a wrap, a small Roasted Peppers and Pepperoni Pizza, and a couple of drinks, for 16.40. The kabob, featuring marinated chicken pieces, included feta cheese, lettuce, tomato and greek dressing, and was immediately delivered over the counter. The pizza was delivered to our table in about 10 minutes. As usual, the ingredients were fresh and tasty. The pizza was a bit greasy, but I blame that on the pepperoni. Other types of the medium-thick crusted pizza that I've had in the past were better in that respect. I recommend this place for their large variety of offerings and dependable service.

  • Papa Gino's $$ - 1018 Lexington St., near Trapelo Rd - 781-893-6440
  • Pete's Pizza & Wings $$ - 912 Main Street - 781-647-0234
    • 2001 10 18 review by Mike Morrison

      green dot You may know this restaurant better by its old name of Pete's Pizza and Subs, or even by its classic name of Johnnies Pizza. Or you may know it by the innovative marketing slogans that appear in the window from time to time, including "Bar and Cockfighting in the Basement" and "The French Revolution had nothing to do with us", that show the same creativity with otherwise standard tools that Pete's menu exhibits. Or you may simply know it as Pete himself would wish it to be known, as your local dysfunctional family restaurant.

      Regardless of the manner in which Pete's (nee Johnnies) finds its way into the radar screen of your consciousness, it should most definitely find its way into the cockles of your heart. And with menu items like the Steak and Cheese Calzone and the aptly named Dick's Heart Attack, it may find its way into more areas of your heart than just the cockles.

      But simply put, this is the finest sandwich shop in all of Waltham. But to call it simply a "sandwich shop" is misleading, for the finest items on the menu are not sandwiches at all. The aforementioned Dick's Heart Attack, filled with mozzarella sticks and bacon, is something that must be tried if you pass the strict physical fitness test that Pete's insurance company requires before ordering. The steak and cheese calzone (known in these parts as simply "The Usual") is a delightful combination of grilled steak and melted cheese, wrapped in a soft pizza crust and baked to perfection. The crust, indeed, is one of the best parts of Pete's calzones, and perfectly complements the pinnacle of Pete's original calzone creations: the Crossover. Boneless wings in one of nine different flavors are covered with cheese and baked into a mouth-watering feast that I can't really go into any further for fear of drooling on my keyboard. It's served with a side of bleu cheese.

      And I haven't even mentioned Pete's signature item: the wraps. Fully a baker's dozen of these little pockets of deliciousness grace the menu, ready to satisfy your craving for meat or vegetarian, hot or cold, dry or juicy. Pete himself claims that the king of the bunch is the Zesty Chicken, with its lemon-flavored chicken, steak tomatoes, Bermuda onions and cilantro pesto, but I think he underestimates his own Steak and Potato Wrap. Cajun-seared shaved beef sirloin and country-style home fries wrapped up with cheddar cheese and sour cream? It doesn't get much better than that.

      Service is friendly, parking is plentiful, and the ambience truly has to be experienced to be understood. Delivery is also available, and Pete himself has been known to take time out of the kitchen to personally bring his latest creations to your door. Be sure to compliment the tzagiki - he makes it himself.

  • Pizzeria Uno Chicago Bar & Grill $$ - 155 Bear Hill Road - 781-487-7177

    • 1999 08 13

      green dot What I like about Unos is that you can count on quality pizza and reasonable service any time. They feature frequent specials so that you can get a good meal at a decent price. We had the 2 house salads and medium size deep-dish pizza special which came to only $12. The salads, though not huge, are reasonably sized and can be ordered with the house dressing, an Italian style vinegrette delivered in a Grolsh beer bottle. We chose the Unos Classic pizza, with the unique Chicago-style sausage that is the trademark of this chain. This is usually no wait to get seats, except during very peak hours such as Friday or Saturday night. Once seated, the wait staff is attentive and the food is delivered promptly. In addition to the deep-dish pizza, we recommend the new thin crust pizza, and the Caesar salad is always good. The bar has a selection of mixed drinks, wine, and most of the popular and a few custom beers on tap.

  • Prospect Cafe $ - 137 Prospect Street - 781-736-0101 fax 781-736-0110

    • 2006 10 22

      yellow dot This small shop, open 7 days a week, offers appetizers, salads, pizzas and calzones, and a variety of hot grilled sandwiches and rollups. We ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger, a small order of onion rings, a Margherita calzone, and a drink, for a total of $14.79. The restaurant includes 2 rooms with 6 tables in each. The back room has a TV, and the front one opens to the counter for ordering. The decor was austere, and the facility is clearly geared toward take-out. The onion rings were fine, but the burger was disappointing. It was over-cooked, the bacon did not taste fresh, was overloaded with too much mustard, and was in a stale bun. Clearly this is not the specialty of the house. The calzone, on the other hand, was amply filled with mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil and parmesan, in a nicely baked crust and served with a mild tomato sauce. The hot grilled sandwiches that I saw on other tables (such as the eggplant sandwich) looked very good, between thick slices of bread. We'll try other menu choices next time, but steer clear of the burger.

  • Sabatino's Italian Kitchen $$ - 897 Main Street - 781-647-2282

    • 2003 11 24

      green dot We first visited Sabatino's in mid-November. The first thing we noticed is that the dining area had been reduced in size, and the large pizza oven was visible behind the counter and cash register. The casual service was walk-up order and pick-up, and it appears that they are anticipating a large take-out business. With the specials of the night, we each had 2 large slices of pizza and a 24-ounce soda, all for only $7.25. Our 4 slices included Traditional, Garden (vegetarian), and Pepperoni. All were traditional Italian-style thin-crust pizzas that reminded us of the excellent pizza from the small shops in Florence. The staff were very friendly, and the tables and chairs retained from the previous restaurant were comfortable. Our next experience with Sabatino's was take-out delivery, recommended since parking can be hard to find in the area. The meal arrived hot in a surprisingly small amount of time. A large Al Pacino pizza, $12.99, was topped with prosciutto, roasted peppers, fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. This was also delicious, but difficult to eat due to the large pieces of prosciutto on top. Waltham has a number of restaurants that make a good authentic Italian pizza, but we think Sabatino's makes the best.

    • 2007 06

      yellow dot We've found that the quality of Sabatinos pizzas has suffered since the move from the Prospect Street location to Main Street. The long time site of Mama Josie's is more pleasant and seats many more than the old site, but the pizza is just not quite as good. We've had unevenly cooked pizzas on several occasions. There are now several new places in town that make very good pizzas, so I hope this shop can get back to producing the quality pizzas they are known for.

  • Steve's Pizza $$ - 1250 Main Street - 781-642-8500 fax 781-642-8481
  • Tara Restaurant Pizza & More $ - 288 Moody Street - 781-647-0355

    • 2001 10 22 review by Mike Morrison

      yellow dot It's tough to find the perfect words to describe Tara's Restaurant, but I'll try. Mediocre. Average. Typical. Normal. Ordinary. Middle-of-the-road. Nothing special. Not bad. Not exactly life-altering. Completely, totally whelming. Food. You go there, and you get food. It's not particularly bad food, nor is it particularly good food. It fills you up while leaving you vaguely unsatisfied. The service is neither slow nor fast, gregarious nor unfriendly. The employees speak English, but not to excess. The restaurant is not spotless, nor is it filthy. You could eat there without fear of having your meal interrupted by the Board of Health, but you wouldn't stick around just for the ambiance. Nor, for that matter, would you drive there specifically for the food. Tara's is the type of place that you would stop at if you were working in the area or suffering from an attack of the munchies while walking down Moody Street. You shouldn't go out of your way to get there, but you shouldn't go out of your way to avoid it, either. It is the foam peanuts of dining establishments, the movie-drink ice, the plain potato chips. It's filler. It exists. It's a pizza place. It's there. That's about it.

    • 2004 05 14 review by Johnny Five

      green dot I was on the internet today to see if Tara Pizza in Waltham had a website. They don't, so instead I found yours. I was shocked by the review given here. This is absolutely the best Italian New York Style Pizza I have had in Waltham or the sorrounding areas. I am originially from Brooklyn so that is saying a lot. The other reviewer on this site must be a big fan of Greek style pizza which I despise and have been tormented by since I moved to the Boston area. Tara is an interesting place.. they have a greek name and serve Italian and Spanish food.. Anyway.. Two thumbs way up for Tara NEOPOLITAN STYLE(wow never thought I would say that again outside of NY) PIZZA!!

    • 2004 12 09 review by Chris Barnett

      green dot Your review of Tara does the place a disservice. The pizza may be "mediocre" to your reviewer (my kids have had it and thought it was great!). Under the surface (actually just under the counter) lies the real secret of this place - absolutely the best empanadas in the metro area - beef, chicken and cheese. You don't know what an empanada is? Time to learn! They have caught on in California for some years, but these are the real thing - a fried (not baked) Chilean pastry turnover, filled with - my favorite - minced beef, onion, raisins and black olives, and boiled egg. My brother's favorite (and my son's) are the cheese empanadas, my wife likes the chicken. Where else in Waltham can you get something for everyone, at just $1.75 each. Yes, $1.75 each, and with one of their salads it's a meal, for about $3.50. Can you beat that? We order them by the dozen ($1.50 each by the dozen). Got to go - I have to order 4 dozen for a party tomorrow night.

  • The Upper Crust $$ - 435 Moody Street - 781-736-0044

    • 2006 08 17

      green dot The Upper Crust, billed as "Not Your Average Pizza", opened in the summer of 2007 in half of what used to be the Panopticon Gallery on Moody Street. Their pizza is excellent, but the dine-in experience is not their forte. They offer a full range of thin crust Neapolitan style pizzas, with a basic cheese pizza ($11.75 for a small 14"), meat and vegetarian pizzas for 13.75 to 16.10, and Seafood Specialties from 14.75 to 19.75 for the small Lobster Fra Diavlo. We ordered a small prosciutto and roasted red peppers pie (1.25 per topping), a small garden salad (3.58), an endlessly refillable soda and a Harpoon summer ale. The decor is modernistic with high and low tables and bar in the middle of the narrow room. The trademark reflective disks suspended from the ceiling helped to bring in light from the storefront. The beer and an unremarkable salad were soon delivered waiter who was doing double duty as cashier. When the take-out traffic picked up, our waiter was occupied. The pizza proved to be delicious, with a crust crisp enough to stand up to the sauce and toppings. It doesn't look like they take credit cards yet. As pizza places go, the prices are upper crust, but your cash buys you one of the best pizzas in town.

  • Waltham Pizza $$ - 168 Lexington Street - 781-891-3744

    • 2002 06 20 review by Haryanto Hokianto

      green dot Nice, casual place opposite the Waltham Police Station (Makes you feel safe always). This place has the best chicken wings!! I've had chicken wings from around the world: Asia, Europe, Australia, America and this place is the champion! Other subs and pizza taste good as well, but if anyone ever goes there, order a large pack of chicken wings, you'll never want to eat wings from other places.

    • 2009 08 16 review by Greg

      red dot I went to Waltham Pizza today for carryout. I phoned in an order of 2 large cheese pizzas for 11.99 as advertised on the website. After picking up and paying for the pizza, I noticed that they charged me 18.04 for the two large cheese pizzas. I told them that it was only 11.99, as anybody can see on their website or menu. They said that since I did not specify that I wanted the deal that it was not valid. I spoke to the owner while in the store and she said she could not change it. When I got home, the pizzas were over cooked and the cheese was burnt. I told the owner I would never go back since she did not follow her advertised price. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Waltham Pizza and go somewhere else for better service and better quailty food. DO NOT GO TO WALTHAM PIZZA.

    • 2009 10 31 review by Sevan

      green dot If you like Greek style pizza Waltham Pizza is the place to go! Everyday they have freshmade pizzas..My family and I love it there and we eat from there once a week!! We love their PIZZA, hot/cold subs, their calzones and their WINGS are the BEST IN TOWN!!! As for Greg who didn't get his pizza for $11.99 and wrote a bad review is just uncalled for! Give them a shot again, i'm sure you & the owner had a misunderstanding,because they are really really friendly & nice & do anything to satisfy their customers! I recommend this place to everyone in Waltham, its been there for 16 years with good food for a great price! Can't get that anywhere!

    • 2011 11 08 review by Ryan

      red dot After traveling to Boston from Rochester, NY my wife and I decided to get pizza delivered to our hotel room. We asked the people at the front desk and they suggested Waltham Pizza. We ordered a cheese pizza and mild wings. The price was a little much, but we figured it would be worth it. The pizza tasted like cardboard and the wings were over cooked with something like Franks Red Hot Sauce on them. When I called them back a woman, who claimed she was the manager, stated that she didn't even know what mild wings were and mocked me for saying they were too hot. She was very rude. This was the worst pizza and wings I have ever had and not very good customer service.

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