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Many of these reviews were based on visits to restaurants by Jennifer and me. I would be happy to include accounts from other diners. If you had a memorable meal, please write something down about it, send it to me, and let other readers know about it. Please send reviews or comments to Scott at sshurr@gmail.com.

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  • $$ Absolutely Asia [Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Thai] - 864 Main Street - 781-891-1700

    • 12 03 2002 review by Allan Telio

      green dot If you open up the Waltham phonebook to the restaurant listing you will see at least two dozen Chinese places. The names range from Chang's Kitchen to Chow's Chow. But how do you know which one to try? My girlfriend and I used a time-tested scientific method and selected the first one on the list, Absolutely Asia. In the end, this turned out to be a good choice.

      As we walked into the restaurant, I was surprised by how small it was. Apparently, I was not the only one. The nine year old boy with the family behind me exclaimed, "Dad, this place is super tiny." The mother quickly quieted her child and told him not to judge by size. Wise woman. Lucky husband.

      Even though it's on the smaller side, we were quickly seated after the host had dispensed of three take out orders. For most of the evening there was brisk take out business, which is always a good sign. The decor is an interesting blend of contemporary light fixtures, yellow-orange walls, a well stocked bar, and a drop ceiling. The owner's attempt at modernizing this slightly dated building has been mostly successful. However, the drop ceiling does little to absorb sound. We overheard the three college girls behind me discussing a recent dance and an older Asian lady seated behind my girlfriend discussing a past love affair. Who knew that dinner came with a free show?

      However, we did not come here to eavesdrop, we came here to eat. We started with two appetizers, Vietnamese Spring Rolls ($3.95) and Scallion Pancakes ($3.50). It was a split decision on the appetizers. The Scallion Pancakes had a delightful golden crispy shell and a soft chewy inside. When topped with the dipping sauce they were the perfect, salty appetizer. The spring rolls, however were far from perfect. Instead of golden brown, they were just brown from over-frying. Also, the vegetarian stuffing of the spring rolls had a strange bitter flavor that could not be drowned out by spoonfuls of sweet and sour sauce. Spring rolls aside, the remainder of our meal was excellent.

      Our two main dishes were Sechuan Chicken ($8.50) and Sauteed Spicy Green Beans ($7.95). My girlfriend has been fixated on and addicted to spicy green beans for the past two years. Absolutely Asia's green beans did not disappoint. They were mildly spicy and tangy with a hint of sweetness. The Sechuan Chicken was a mix of cubed chicken, green peppers, peanuts, and other assorted vegetables covered, but not drowned, in a not too spicy sauce. Both entrees were reasonably sized.

      As I snapped open my fortune cookie at the end of the meal, I saw the family of the three with the wise cracking nine year old head for the door. The host asked the father how his meal had been and he responded, "Absolutely perfect. Do you deliver?"

  • $$ Beijing Star Restaurant - 835 Main Street - 781-642-8888

    • 2002 12 27 review by Katie Flynn -

      green dot I went to this restaurant with a family friend who's originally from China. She ordered in Chinese and we had a fantastic meal. The service was excellent. I went back by myself and the service was a bit spotty, but the food was still great. I had the Moo Shi Pork, which had the best pancakes I've ever had. I also tried the Scallion Pancakes for the first time and thought they were also very tasty, even cold later that night. The prices seemed average for a typical chinese restuarant ($7.50 - $15.00).

    • 2007 05 16 review by Josh of Brandeis University -

      green dot My three suitemates and I frequent Beijing Star, and love their authentic cuisine and menu. The Yu Hsiang anything is fantastic, and the tea served when you sit down adds to the atmosphere. I am graduating, and felt that I should pass on a bit off knowledge to show for the four years I spent in Waltham. Dinner at Beijing Star is optimal, and always fantastic. You cannot go wrong with a dinner at Beijing Star; the lunch specials, although a larger portion, did not seem to us as high quality as the dinners. This is probably due more to count for the delicious nature of the dinner than the failings of the lunch menu.

  • $$ Hon Dynasty - 922 Main Street - 781-893-6663, (fax) 781-893-0338

    • green dot 2000 11 19 - The Hon Dynasty is a small restaurant on Main Street featuring Cantonese and Szechuan Cuisine available eat in or take out. The upper parts of the walls are white, with large paintings of Chinese landscapes. The lower parts are a green marbled look, which matches the insets on the tables. The green carpet and black and green lacquered tables create a contemporary, informal atmosphere. Rock music played in the background, but at a low enough level not to detract from conversation. Our party of 4 ordered Pork Strip Wonton Soup ($1.75 for small) and Hot & Sour Soup ($1.90 small, $2.75 large) to start. Both of the soups were good, but could have been spicier. The wonton included lots of vegetables, and the hot & sour featured a thick broth. For entrees, we ordered Roast Pork Lo Mein ($6.25 for large), Yu Hsiang Broccoli ($5.75), and the chef's specialty Orange Chicken ($8.25). The entrees were served with white rice, with free refills. We judged the dishes to be good, with fresh ingredients, but they all could have had a little more spice in them. Our waiter was courteous and chatty, and both the soups and main courses were served quite promptly. The casual atmosphere, very reasonable pricing, and modestly spiced food made us think that this could be an ideal family restaurant.

  • $$ Hong Kong - 457 Moody Street - 781-893-8288, (fax) 781-893-8188
  • $$ Kim Kai - 573 Main Street - 781-647-1675
  • $$ Ming Terrace Restaurant - 154 River Street - 781-891-8292
  • $$ New House Restaurant - 659 Main Street - 781-893-7700
  • $$ Sichuan's Garden - 411 Waverley Oaks Road - 781-899-9991

    • green dot 2009 11 25 review by Henry - Sichuan's Garden was a very good choice. Their food is terrific, the buffet has great tastes. A fine place to take your aunt or visiting relatives. It is a large place with plenty of seating and lots of parking, and everyone is helpful and friendly.

  • $$ 3 Fortunes Restaurant - 177 Willow Street - 781-899-4024
  • $ Tiki House - 569 Moody Street - 781-899-3466
  • $$ Tom Can Cook [Thai & Chinese] - 374 Moody Street - 781-891-6977

    • green dot 2001 08 26 - Tom Can Cook, at the site of 20th century Waltham landmark the Heritage Restaurant, shares a Thai menu with its sister restaurant Erewhon of Siam, also on Moody Street. The decor is clean and simple, with natural wood and soft lighting, reminiscent of Chinese lanterns. There are 2 seating sections, with new seating where the diner stools used to be. Purple curtains cover the passages to the kitchen. We had Tom Yam soup ($2.95) and Scallion Pancakes with Peanut Sauce ($4.95) as appetizers. The soup (2 out of a maximum 3 star heat rating) was served in a small bowl, topped with mushrooms and scallions. It was spicy, but not excessive, with generous chunks of chicken (it is also available with shrimp instead). The scallion pancakes were crispy and light, sprinkled with more fresh scallions. They were served with lettuce and cabbage leaves, and peanut sauce in a small glass bowl. We had the Pad Thai, available with chicken, shrimp, vegetable or our choice, tofu ($7.95) and Grilled Jumbo Sizzling Shrimp, rated with one star ($14.95). The large plate of Pad Thai was served with cucumbers, cabbage, sprouts, and broccolli. It was very good, with plump crispy tofu cubes. The 5 large shrimp were nicely cooked, and came with fresh, crispy asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, brocolli, and onions. They were topped by a zesty red-brown sauce and spicy basil leaves. The service was low-key but very attentive, adding to a pleasant dining experience.

  • $$ Winter Street Cafe [Japanese / Chinese] - 475 Winter Street - 781-890-0089, fax: 781-890-2139

    • green dot 2001 02 13 - The Winter Street Cafe serves Japanese and Chinese cuisine at a busy plaza which also hosts a Thai restaurant, and a pizza bistro. It's a long, narrow room fronted by windows, split by a long counter for takeout and a sushi bar. The Cafe does not serve alcohol, but the store next door sells wine and beer which can be brought in. The walls are lightly colored, with soft fabric panels opposite the counter, and light wood trim. Asian pop music plays in the background. The menu starts with general appetizers, the middle section features popular Chinese entrees, and the last lists sushi specials and other Japanese entrees. The Chinese chef's specialties range from $9.75 (Sesame Chicken/Beef) to $12.50 (Peppery Crispy Shrimp). Sushi specials, served with miso soup, range from $13.95 to $23.95, and Japanese entrees, served with rice and soup, are between $10.95 and $14.95. We had Scallion Pancakes ($3.95) as an appetizer, and they were crisp, light, and flavorful. Jennifer had the Chinese entree of Chicken in Garlic Sauce ($8.75) and white rice ($1.25). This featured good vegetables, a spicy sauce, and lots of chicken. I had the Nigiri and Maki special ($16.95) served with a nice miso soup. This contained 6 slices each of salmon roll, Naruto cucumber roll, and 4 kinds of Maki. The ingredients were all very fresh, and tasty. Service throughout the meal was efficient, and the staff was very friendly and attentive.

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