Main Street, in Waltham, Massachusetts

North Avenue (Rt. 117) in western neighbor Weston becomes Main Street as it crosses into Waltham. Rt. 117 ends at Banks Square, where it joins Weston Street (Rt. 20). The library lies on the left side of the road, approaching the light for Moody Street and the bridge over the Charles. Lexington Street is a left, opposite City Hall. Take the left to follow Waverley Oaks Road along the railroad tracks, or cross the bridge over the tracks to reach the Warrendale neighborhood. Past Grove Hill Cemetery and St. Judes church is the entrance to the Gore Estate, and the city line. Rt. 20 continues as Main Street of Watertown.

Here are some of the buildings on Main Street, across from City Hall and the Waltham Common.

Restaurants on Main and Moody Streets

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