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Waltham played a major role in the development of manufacturing due in part to the Charles River which runs through the southern portion of the city.


More views of the Charles River

The Charles River Walk passes by many of the historic and scenic sites of Waltham.


More views of the River Walk


Mt. Feake Cemetery

Mt. Feake Cemetery fills a large hillside along the upper part of the river.

More views of the watch factory

The Waltham Watch Company pioneered the mass production of timepieces.

The dam built just below the Moody Street bridge powered some of the first linen mills in the country.

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Waltham features a great variety of restaurants, ranging from inexpensive diners to the finest dining. Many of them are located near the shopping district on Moody Street. The Charles River Museum of Industry occupies one of the mill buildings next to the dam.

More about Lyman Estate

The Lyman Estate, "The Vale", was established in 1793 by Boston merchant Theodore Lyman.

More about Paine Estate

Henry Hobson Richardson's Paine House ranks high among the most architecturally significant early modern residences in America.

Gore Place is an early 19th-century mansion in a 40-acre park of woodland, fields and gardens.

More about Gore Estate

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