The Charles River, through Waltham, Massachusetts

The Charles enters Waltham from Newton, and exits to Watertown, Cambridge, and Boston. Here's a tour of the river heading downstream towards Watertown. The river was named for King Charles I by John Smith in 1614.

View from Mt. Feake Cemetery

Mt. Feake Cemetary was consecrated in 1857. Here is a view down the banks.

View from Mt. Feake Cemetery, towards watch factory

The Gold Star Mothers bridge on Prospect Street, and pilings from Nuttings dance hall


The Gold Star Mother's Bridge on Prospect Street


Wildlife on the river

River Walk map

The River Walk, which is part of Charles River Greenway, begins on the other side of the bridge, and this part of it ends at the Moody Street Bridge.


The tree lined path


Looking towards the commuter rail station


View towards the Moody Street bridge

Fall foliage of the trees that line the river


From a boat on the river, a view east towards the Worldwide Building, mill building, and Cronin's Landing.

Looking southeast towards the corner of the old Grover Cronin's and parking lot.

Looking north from the southern end of the Moody Street bridge, you can see the railroad tracks and Felton Street, with the spire of First Parish church in the distance.

Looking north to the Moody Street Dam and mill building

In 1788 John Boies built a dam across the river and buiit a paper mill, just east of the current Moody Street.

The Riverwalk continues at the south end of the Moody Street bridge, and follows to the south of the river all the way to North Street in Newton.

Mary Early and plaque

Mary T. Early's tireless efforts led to the renovation of the foot bridge along the Charles River Walk. Her work was celebrated at the bridge dedication.

Foot bridge and the B & M Railroad trestle

Willow in front of the trestle

Trestle over the Charles, torn down in 2016.

This mural, just beyond the trestle, was painted by local art students.

Waltham Bleachery and Dye Works began operations1820 and lasted 131 years in city. The Bleachery trestle supported the train line to the factory. The new foot bridge gives visitors a way across the river.

This sluice carried the waste from the bleach factory, sometimes turning the river downstream bright colors. A small park at the site can be reached from the shopping center on River Street.

The site of the bleachery can be reached via the Calvary Street foot bridge.

The Bleachery dam.

Another view of the trestle.

One of several educational stones

Reflection in a slow moving section


Sign at the North Street entrance

Charles River Watershed Association

Charles River Reservation

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