Charles Webster Potter

Charles Webster Potter, born in Waltham on September 21, 1878, became known as "the Father of Zoning". One notable accomplishment was the establishment of the Waltham Community Fund in the 1920's, to provide support for local social service agencies. As a member of the Waltham Board of Alderman, Mr. Potter held a commanding position in virtually all community affairs for over thirty years. He was active in the Chamber of Commerce as President, Waltham's National Councilor representative for 15 years, and served on the Board of Directors for forty years. Charles W. Potter was a forerunner in the social service field. He created The Waltham Community Fund in the 1920's, a full decade before Boston established the metropolitan fundraising federation, which supported local service agencies. Potter died in 1947.

Charles Webster Potter Place, an employment and training service for individuals who have a mental illness, was established in 1990, and was named in honor of Potter.

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