Open Space concerns in Waltham Massachusetts

Much of the remaining open space in Waltham surrounds Bentley College, on property that was once the Cornelia Warren farm.

Map of the Bentley College area

Forest Ave. gate

The upper campus, north of Beaver Street, is bordered by the Girl Scouts' Cedar Hill Camp,
and a large parcel of land being returned to the city by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers.

Cedar Hill Camp

Army Corp. of Engineers site

The lower campus was increased in size by the
purchase of DeVincents Farms, one of the last
independent fresh produce markets in the city,
which closed in the winter of 1998.

DeVincents Farm

That property borders the University of Mass. College of Agriculture,
host to the Waltham Community Farm and to GROW, a community garden.

Waltham Community Farm

GROW (Community Garden)

A large housing development was built on Bear Hill in 1997.

Bear Hill photographs

The city announced in early November that they had broken off negotiations with a developer
who wanted to build an ice skating rink in the woods behind Waltham High School. Visit the
web site of a group that was opposed to the plan.
Preserve Our Waltham Woodlands (POWW) An organization of Waltham Neighborhoods.

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