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The best thing to do with a broken Waltham watch is to find a local person who knows how to repair it. Usually by calling a few local jewelers, you can locate someone who can repair or appraise the watch. This page contains recommendations for watch repair from readers. If you have had a good experience with a Waltham watch repair, and would like others to know about it, please let me know.

22 May 1998 AOL:
We just had civil war era ladies doctor pocket watch repaired. Someone had tried to wind it backwards with the wrong key breaking it. He had the repair parts( a 1 in 1000 chance) and the correct key! Repairs took less than a week and the watch now keeps perfect time! The name of the co. is City Bank Antiques, 115 S. Water St.,Kent, Ohio 44240 Phone# (330)677-1479

24 Jul 1998 Waltham, MA:
Chris Carey of Watertown Watch and Clock, Watertown, Mass., repairs Waltham watches. He is good and very reasonable. He is near Watertown Square, at 100 Main St. (617) 926-0993. He also has a few nice Waltham wrist watches and a good selection of Waltham pocket watches, all for great prices. Ask to see his watches from his collection that unfortunately are not for sale. (2005-02-01))

7 Dec 1998 Waltham, MA:
Girards in Michigan who has great deals and lots of unique watches http://www.girards.com

23 December 2000 Lancaster, PA:
I would like you to add us to your Watch Repair list for Waltham or other watches. www.rgmwatches.com, You can see more about us on this web site. We have a page on this site on watch repair and restoration. We are one of the few companys doing a wide range of mechanical watch work. Thank You Regards R.Murphy

30 March 2000 Washington DC:
Hi: I like your website and would like to recommend an excellent Waltham watch repairer in Washington DC. He is Mr. Allan Compton, of Compton's Jewelers, at 1709 G Street NW, Washington DC, 20006, a block from the White House. Mr. Compton says he's trying to retire, but he still works on watches that interest him and has done a wonderful job repairing my Waltham. I asked him if I could post his name and number on the web and he agreed. His phone number is (202)393-2570 Best regards Peter Ford

5 Jan 2001 St. Louis, MO:
I actually have an anti-reference. My mother took my grandmother's turn-of-the-century Waltham pocket watch to J.F. Piraino Ltd., 141 First St., Liverpool, NY 13088 to try to get it running again. It looked to be in fairly good condition, and not being a watch expert I didn't know what was mechanically wrong with it. He told my mother a couple of months later that he couldn't fix the watch for lack of repairs. By that time, my mother had moved to Massachusetts. It took him another two years to mail the watch back to my mother. The face glass is cracked, and the entire mechanism that opens the front of the hunting case is gone. The face was put back on the watch with the 3 where the 12 should be, and the second-hand is missing. I am not even going to comment on what looks wrong with the inner workings, because I don't remember what was wrong initially. Additionally, he has never returned an antique ladies Elgin wristwatch that we gave to him at the same time as the Waltham to fix. I would advise anyone in the Syracuse area that needs watch or jewelry work to steer clear of this business, as the owner does not seem able to take care of the objects left in his care. Sincerely, Leigh O'Mara

31 Jan 2001 Appomattox, VA
Dear Scott: I went to Wilkes Jewelers this afternoon to ask Mrs. Simpson if it would be OK to do this since she is getting older. She said she would really appreciate it and gave me her card to send you the information from. It is sad that many of the really good watch repair people are getting old. The jewelry store belongs to her, her maiden name is Wilkes. Her husband was a jeweler too but he passed away last year. She learned the trade from her Father. The card says "serving the area since 1912". The building looks exactly like it must have in 1912 including the old display cases and everything. Her son Wayne Simpson works there now and will be taking over the business when his Mother is no longer there. I don't think she will ever retire. She has been doing this since she was 14 every single day and loves it. She is 76 now. If you want to have an interesting conversation give her a call. Thanks for doing this. I can promise you anyone who uses her will be very happy. Sincerely, Ellen Ragsdale Wilkes' Jewelers PO Box 215 111 N. Church St. Appomattox, VA 24522 Phone: 804-352-5646 Attn: Mabel Wilkes Simpson Wayne C. Simpson (son)

11 Feb 2001 Santa Rosa, CA:
After I e-mailed you about a month ago, I started looking around here in northern California for a place. In the phone book, I found a place within ten miles of where I live. I took my Waltham watch to them, they knew these watches and seem very reputable. I left my watch with them to be repaired and they did a good job. You might want to add them to your list! Olde Town Jewelers 125 4th Street Santa Rosa, CA 95402 (707)577-8813 Wes Claassen

20 Sept 2002 Burlington, NC:
I have just gotten my Waltham watch back from a local jewelry store after having it repaired. I have done business with this jewelry store for years and was very pleased that they had a watch maker who worked on Waltham watches. I am extremely pleased with the work and the time it took to get it back to me. The name of the business is Billers Jewelers, Inc., 302 S. Main St., Burlington, NC 27215. The company is a family owned and operated business. Their phone number is 336-226-4577. I would recommend Billers to have any repairs done on a Waltham watch. I thought that you might want to add them to your list.

25 December 2002:
Hi Scott: I was the CEO of the Waltham/West Suburban Chamber of Commerce for 32 years (1962 to 1994). We used to receive frequent inquiries regarding Waltham Watches from all over the country and, indeed, the world. We developed a half dozen pages of information on the company and its history to enable us to respond to most inquiries in timely fashion. I retired in 1994 and I don't know what they do now. I'm sure they have improved on what we were able to do or perhaps the inquires are referred to the Charles River Museum of Industry to which the chamber had close ties. As for repair service, I've had excellent experience with the Robert B. Johnson Company at 653 Main Street, Waltham, MA 02451.(781) 894-1296 They are the oldest retail merchant in the city, having been founded in 1852. Christen Grainger is the President and her father, Jack Grainger is the jeweler. When I retired the chamber presented me with a 1908 Waltham Maximus, highest grade, 23 jewels, solid 14 karat gold with triple sunk porcelain dial. It was in mint condition. Unfortunately, I dropped it one day and I had it repaired at the Johnson company. I have done business with them for years and I would not hesitate to take any fine watch there for service. Whether they, on occasion, send them elsewhere for repair or parts, I am not aware. However, to me it makes no difference. These are the people I would trust with any fine time piece. I enjoyed your web site and hope that my comments are helpful. Sincerely, Theodore (Ted) Manning

17 July 2003:
Mary P of Newton, MA wrote:
I have a large inventory of Waltham repair parts and lots of experience repairing them, including early pocket watches and wrist watches made up until about 1967 when the factory closed. I operate a business in the rear of my home, called "Clock and Watch Shop", located at 2202 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale (Newton) MA 02466-1804. Tel: 617 965 8913 from 9:00 to 4:00 weekdays and 9 to 1 on Saturdays. I am a retired Electronics Engineer and also repair lots of electric clocks. In general we repair all types of watches and clocks (except grandfather and tower clocks). I also repair the 214 and 218 series of Bulova Accutrons. I was a hobbyist for about 30 years and opened my shop in 1986 upon retirement from my "real" job. Prices are reasonable.

23 October 2003:
Another good review of City Bank Antiques, 115 S. Water St.,Kent, Ohio 44240 Phone# (330)677-1479
I have just finished getting my American Watch Co. pocket watch (circa 1876) repaired by Don Barret @ City Bank Antiques. Really excellent and reasonable service, and it was a multifaceted problem, requiring several mailings of the watch back and forth. Don stood by his work and had the parts. I got the name from your reference list and I'm very grateful.

June 6 2013 Newton, MA:
Dear Scott, I am also a repairman of Waltham watches. I have a shop in Eastham, Mass., and at one time, maintained my shop at the Crescent St. factory. my web page is http://www.freeyellow.com/members2/ysco/page2.html/ I can be reached at 508-247-7287. My company name is Yankee Horology, our shop is located in the Orleans Marketplace on route 6a,The business name is Billingsgate Fox - Native American Jewelry. I hold certificates in Watch Repair from North Bennett Street School in Boston and a BSMET from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Any assistance in listing me on you Waltham repair services list would be greatly appreciated. I also have a collection of Waltham postcards that may be useful as additions to your web page on factory photos. Respectfully yours, Stephen Murphy

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