Waltham Farmers Market

Arthur J. Clark Government Building
119 School Street
and Lexington

The market started in 1991, and has moved several times since then.

Photographs at Waltham Farmers Market at Government Center


Crazy Fingers (incorrectly identified on our concert list as Broken Rose, their electric counterpart)

The Afrika Gente Duo


Terry Kitchen

Ruth Rappaport, Joe Pete, and Ben

Gerry Beaudoin

Eric Royer

Moody Street String Band

Steve Taddeo and the String Senders

Dave B and the Hot Shots

Photographs at Waltham Farmers Market at Main and Moody Streets


The Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band


The Dawn Kenney Band


The Hot Tamale Brass Band performed on a brisk October day

20th anniversary celebration in August

The Moody Street String Band in September

A Grand Day Out


The Moody Street String Band

Steve Taddeo and his Swing Senders


Animal Adventures' presentation featured aring-tailed lemur.

Market committee and vendors

Committee and vendors


Eric Royer's one man band

Jennifer Patton's image of a hopeful customer



Joe Cormier with Edmond Boudreau

Another group picture


Dick's Market Garden

Mike Williams and the Blues and Jazz Bargains

Farmers and volunteers


Entertainment by Vocomotive

The famous Farmers Market bumper sticker

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