Photographs of Community Garden, Waltham, Massachusetts

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Groundbreaking - November 1993

The groundbreaking team Groundbreaking completed


Fall cleanup day - 1996

"Arbor Day" - spring, 1998

19980700Arbor 19980702Arbor 19980705Arbor 19980706Arbor

Cleanup and greenhouse construction - June 1999

Working on the compost bin More composting labor Reassembling the greenhouse Greenhouse foundation

Recycled shoes, Dee's GROW sign - May 2001

Planter made from old shoes GROW sign

Field Station Fair - August 2001

The first annual Field Station Fair featured a pot-luck lunch under the arbor, and a contest for the biggest and best of the gardeners produce.

Green Rows Of Waltham (GROW) founded 1994, is a community garden at the University Of Massachusetts Suburban Experiment Station on Beaver Street

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