Online Waltham Community Directory - Editor's Note (from the print version of the directory)

Although I thought I knew about most of Waltham's resources when I started my research for this directory, I quickly discovered how much more was going on here than I'd ever imagined. And it wasn't only the large number of resources that amazed and inspired me, but also the amount of generosity, creativity, commitment and caring that goes into making so many wonderful things happen in this community. I urge directory users to browse through all the entries, not just to look up a particular listing; I'm sure you'll find many new things of interest and inspiration. I hope that the directory can be a tool and catalyst for even more good work in Waltham.

Every directory like this one is immediately out of date: new groups form; others move or disband; some may have been inadvertently omitted. (Because of space limitations, some have been purposefully omitted: in general, city departments were not included, as they are outlined in the Know Your City guide noted below; groups whose membership is limited to a closed group- such as school-related organizations- also were not included.) I hope, however, this is as comprehensive as possible. Of course, I urge users to send changes and additions in order to make the next edition even more complete.

Many thanks to the project's funders, to all those who helped with referrals and to Tamara Chernow and Tom Jewell at Waltham Public Library for their vision.

-- Jennifer Rose, 1995

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