Train service in Waltham

Waltham Station from a 1915 postcard

The Fitchburg Line of the Mass Bay Transit Authority's (MBTA) Commuter Rail begins at North Station in Boston, with access to Amtrak service north of Boston.It has stops at Waltham and Brandeis/Roberts stations. Access to the Red Line of the Boston subway system is via the Porter station.The other end is Wachusett station in Fitchburg.

History of Waltham railroads

The Fitchburg Railroad opened west to Waltham on December 20, 1843, then to Concord on June 17, 1844. The Watertown Branch was extended to Waltham in 1851, meeting the Fitchburg mainline with a wye. An interlocking tower at Elm Street controlled the junction.The Boston and Maine Railroad (reporting mark BM) was a U.S. Class I railroad in northern New England. originally chartered in 1835.The Fitchburg Railroad was leased by the Boston and Maine Railroad (B&M) on July 1, 1900. Elimination of the grade crossings at the Waltham Station was considered in the 1910s, but never completed. On December 1, 1919, the B&M purchased the Fitchburg Railroad.Branch. Watertown Branch passenger service ended on July 9, 1938, though the line remained in use for freight until the early 20th century.The Boston and Maine Railroad became part of what was the Pan Am Railways network in 1983 (most of which was purchased by CSX in 2022).

Abandoned Waltham railroad lines. The upper section is now part of theMass Central Rail Trail. The lower section is the Watertown branch.

The Interlocking Tower as it appeared when it was decommisioned in 2013

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