Business closings in Waltham, Massachusetts

Downtown revitalization is on Waltham's front pages, but the development has claimed several long established businesses. Big business took its toll on local enterprises and employees.
All but the art deco facade of Grover Cronin's department store was demolished in December 1996 to make way for Cronin's Landing, an apartment and retail project being built by the new owner.
Wal-Lex Hardware, run by 3 generations of the Gandolfo family since 1959, closed in January 1999.
Massive layoffs followed Raytheon Corporation's elimination of all but a handful of jobs in Waltham. Several years ago the state of Massachusetts made major tax concessions to the corporation, with a promise of no jobs being relocated out-of-state. The massive site along Grove, River, and Seyon Streets was once home to the Metz automobile factory. The site is now being re-developed as an "internet hotel".
One of the last farm stands in Waltham, Ricci Farms closed in the summer of 1998.
The DeVincent Farm property was sold to Bentley College, and the grocery store on Beaver Street closed in December 1998. This was one of the last few sites selling locally grown produce. The site is now a parking lot and athletic fields.
Dean Dairy at 5 Beaver Street failed to open in the spring of 2001. Word is that the land was sold to a developer to build houses on.
Waltham Ford - 1022 Main Street, 02451 (closed fall 2006)

Waltham Bottle and Can, a recycling business on Felton Street, was pressured by the city and property owner to vacate its present location.

The spacious old Waltham Supermarket (see scan of logo from shopping bag) on Main Street had one the largest meat departments in the country. Since it closed in the 1990's, it has had 2 different owners. Shaws was disappointing, but the current Victory Supermarket is better.

Chadwick's Ice Cream, on Lexington Street, also closed its doors after a dispute with the landlord. While officially in Lexington, to many people it was a Waltham landmark.

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