Waltham Mill Artists, Waltham, MA

Once a year the more than 50 artists and crafts people comprising theWaltham Mill Artists Association open their studios to the public.Works shown are in media as diverse as marble, wood, ceramic, and glass sculpture,painted wood furniture, stained glass, photography, monoprints, etchings, screenprints,installations, performance, video, clothing, textiles, computer-generated art, enamels,and drawings, as well as constructed, abstract, and representational paintings.Among the artists are past Fulbright and Bunting Fellows.Many of the artists have been exhibited widely, capturing national media attention.The public is invited to see work completed during the past year as well asworks-in-progress created in the intriguing studio environments provided byWaltham's historic mill buildings.

Built in 1888, the former woolen mills buildings between the Waltham Commonand the Charles River, and a crown gem in revitalizing downtown Waltham,were renovated into studios starting in 1975.Taking advantage of 15-foot ceilings and huge windows, the artistshave created superb studios and remarkable exhibition spaces.

Directions: By car: Rte. 128 to Exit 26 (Waltham, Rte. 20 east);From Watertown, Rte. 20 , west; From Rte. 20 (Main Street), turn onto Moody Street,go one block, cross the railroad tracks, turn left into studio complex.Follow signs to free parking. By train: B&M Fitchburg Line from North Stationor Porter Square to Waltham Center. You will see the buildings.

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