Randall & Stickney Dial Company, Waltham

In 1896 a company formed by Frank E. Randall and Francis Stickney was formed to purchase a patent, dated Aug.21, 1886, for dial gauges. The gentlemen had the intent to produce these instruments for sale. One year later Francis Stickney sold his share to Frank Randall, however the name had already stuck. Starting in 1897 the Frank E. Randall Co. has been the exclusive producer of the world reknown RANDALL & STICKNEY DIAL THICKNESS GAUGE. Today the Frank E. Randall Co., Inc. is located in a small shop behind the house of Frank Randall at 248 Ash Street. It has been there since the company was founded. The product line has changed little in the 100 years since the company started, a basic rack and pinion instrument similar to but simpler than the dial indicator (yes, tens of thousands of dial indicators were manufactured under the Randall & Stickney name too), remains the backbone of a company which does little advertising but sells worldwide.

Still more remarkable is that on his death the company was handed from Frank Randall to his daughter, Amy Randall Gardner and on her death to her son, Francis Gardner and on his death, to his sons. One family, in one location, building a product for 100 years.

The September 1999 phone book lists Randall & Stickney gauges - 248 Ash St 02453 - 781-894-2030

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